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Tara Edmunds

Tara Edmunds

Email: tschroeder@ccihq.net
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Phone Systems

We have a large selection of innovative phone systems for commercial or industrial applications. Businesses require more than just phones to stay in contact with customer, they need business communications solutions. We offer communication solutions that are designed to streamline communications and enhance customer relationships, while reducing costs. Our solutions include phone systems, IP communications systems, messaging/voicemail applications, services and accessories. We also pride ourselves in superior technical training for all communications products.
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Hosted PBX Solutions

With FreedomVoice you can have a customizable VoIP phone system, and send and receive calls over your existing internet connection, giving you reliable communications that can grow or shrink depending on the season and where you are working. No need for a cabinet hanging on your wall, especially when you have satellite offices or plants. All you need is quality internet service, an IP telephone and the FreedomVoice service. Add phones and lines when you need them, cut back when you don’t, and move phones from one site to another as business needs change.
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Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points

Features the latest in Wi-Fi technology and allow of unlimited scalability.


Emerging high bandwidth applications for residential and commercial end-users are proliferating at an unprecedented rate. Also, building automation, entertainment, fire detection, control, data and security are essential considerations for virtually all new home or business planning, design and construction. To achieve successful and reliable performance, the design of the cabling infrastructure must be based on industry accepted standards. Collins offers engineering, design, project management and installation of all voice and data cable, 5e, CAT-6, fiber optics, outside plants, phone systems, paging solutions and all other low voltage needs.
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Cellular Boosters

Do you lose cellular signal when you enter your shop or drive out to the field? With Wilson boosters and our expert technicians we can design and install a solution for your business, home or vehicle, allowing you to get a cellular signal quicker and keep it longer.
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Managed Services

Parts and Labor agreements and parts only agreements are available to maintain your new or existing system. Our managed service agreements are customizable to your business and system. Learn more about our Managed Services options.